Azalea Kids Montessori and Daycare is a place buzzing with activity. Smiling faces of staff and giggling children are a common sight. We are located inside the Embassy Manyata Business Park campus. The large, welcoming facility has a neat, uncluttered floor plan that is conducive for energetic kids. The design offers children ample room for play, learning, interaction and fun. In a very short time, we have won the confidence and trust of the working parents within Embassy Manyata Business Park campus with our integrity and extremely high standards of service. As we are relatively new, we strive harder to delight!


Learning is not a chore but a pleasurable activity when the environment is conducive. We at Azalea Kids provide a warm and loving enclave for little children to thrive in. Our 7000 sq. ft. facility is spread over two floors and gives plenty of room for children to explore. We are fastidious about having lesser children so that they can be personally attended to and they be well looked after. We emphasize the importance of personal attention to kids by being fastidious in taking lesser children by maintaining an optimal child staff ratio. Our classrooms are large and airy. We get plenty of natural sunshine and light in our facility which is surrounded by trees that has a close-to-nature, healthy environment for the children. The ample space gives them an opportunity to channelize their immense energies by playing and exploring.


We at Azalea Kids, take the security of your children very seriously. Actually, safety is our highest priority. There are multiple security cameras all over our space including the rooms and the hallways to ensure that the little ones are always looked out for. Women being the natural nurturers and patient caregivers are given preference when we hire our staff. In fact, we only have women staff. Safety gates and child-proof rooms are some of our other endeavours to keep your child well protected.


We know that despite your best efforts, you often struggle for time in the mornings. Our friendly staff is there to meet and greet your little one at the curbside of our facility so that you can conveniently drop and pick-up without wasting any precious time.


Little tummies need the tricky balance of yummy taste and good nutrition. We have an in-house nutritionist who helps design all our meals ensuring that they are well-balanced and kid-friendly. Our parents are involved in charting out the food chart for their child every month so that individual preferences and tastes are well catered to. Our parents can also reach out to the Nutritionist for valuable inputs and diet advice. Our in-house hygienic kitchen churns out hot, freshly-cooked food at every meal ensuring no transportation from any central facility and absolutely no dangers of contamination.


It is said that every parent is a worrier for life. Yes, those precious bundles of energy consume us with worry about their wellbeing. Being conveniently located close to your workplace, you need not have any such concern. Drop in when you are taking a break, have some free time or just feel the urge to be with your child. Yes, we are aware of your peace of mind as you focus on your work and yet can hop over for any requirements or emergency situations being located so close to your workplace.


We understand that parents need to be in the loop at all times. Our open communication ensures just that. Not only do we catch your suggestions when you drop and pick up your children daily, but our monthly newsletters and periodic one-on-one interactions with parents keep you in the know at all times. The highlights of your child’s progress, updates about routine activities, pictures of participation of your children in fun activities, progress reports and other need-based communications are sent regularly to your mobile phones. We also take your feedback and concerns very seriously.