We believe that every child is uniquely gifted and endeavour to empower them to be inquisitive and empathetic learners in this journey of life.


We aspire to provide a safe, welcoming and nurturing abode for kids to blossom in. We want the child to be the star and the centre of attention. To this end, we tailor our learning methodology to incorporate their distinctive personalities.



We are committed to being honest, trustworthy and transparent both in our communication and operations.


Each member of our staff is trained to handle your child with compassion and care. Empathy as an emotion cannot be taught but imbibed. We encourage in our children the values of loving, learning, laughing, sharing and caring for each other and for their environment.

Genuine love for children

Our staff is carefully handpicked based on their background in early child education and ease of comfort around young children. We ensure that every member of the staff appreciates children, their high-octane energy levels, their amazing levels of curiosity and genuinely enjoys being around them.


Holistic Development

Every child is a powerhouse of talent and unique traits. Our effort is to bring hidden skills to the fore giving the child well-rounded development. All activities, play/work spaces and materials are developmentally and age appropriate and meant to foster active learning. The areas of emphasis include problem-solving skills, empathy, independent thinking, language skills, self-esteem, confidence and social development.

Self Discovery

We follow a Montessori educational model that intrigues curious minds and helps them build on their unique strengths to achieve their utmost potential – physically, socially, mentally, intellectually and emotionally. We are caregivers and enablers in their journey of self-discovery.


We forge a strong collaboration with our parents to ensure that every feedback and concern is immediately catered to. They are our partners in helping us provide the best home away from home for the children. We owe our success to our genuine partnership and the trust that we have built with the parent community.