Infants grow at a lightning fast rate. Their minds absorb emotions, colours, sounds and experiences like hungry sponges. They also seek lot of social interaction and are curious to explore. It is the time of rapid brain development for them which requires loving handling and social interaction.

Our Infant Care Program is much more than just a daycare program. Our caregivers are nurturing child development professionals who provide a warm, caring environment where your baby can thrive. We make their transition from home and family as comfortable as possible.

At Azalea Kids, our focus is to keep your child secure, happy and engaged. Each child’s specific needs are kept in mind to formulate a personalized care schedule. Nutritional needs along with any other special needs are especially kept in mind.

We are proactive and regularly interact with our parents to understand their concerns and feedback. This helps us to constantly improve and better our services. A home away from home is what each child at Azalea Kids Infant Care Program experiences



6 to 18 months


8:30 to 7:00 PM